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How much does a Beef Jerky Outlet franchise cost?

Between $194,750 to $401,900 including the $49,900 franchise fee.

How long does it take to open a Beef Jerky Outlet? 

Location! Location! Location! Finding the right location and leasing a site, on average, takes 6 months. It can however take as little as 3 months and sometimes can take up to 12 months. Opening your Beef Jerky Outlet, including buildout and stocking usually takes 8-12 weeks.

Do I need to have retail experience before opening a Beef Jerky Outlet franchise?

No retail experience needed. However, we are looking for self-motivated, ambitious partners.

How much is the franchise fee for Beef Jerky Outlet franchises?

New franchisees pay $44,900. Also ask us about our discount for Veterans and Multi-Unit agreements.

How long is the franchise agreement?

We offer a 5-year franchise agreement with three 5-year renewals.

What is the best location for a Beef Jerky Outlet?

The best location for a Beef Jerky Outlet is in a high tourism area or an Outlet Mall (i.e. Simon Premium, Tanger Outlets).

How big is the jerky industry?

At $2.8 billion in sales, meat snacks are segmented into the jerky category and meat sticks category, each of which contributes about half of total sales.

How many employees will I need before opening my Beef Jerky Outlet franchise?

Each location will require a different staff. Once in the pipeline, you will discuss with your Store Coordinator the right amount of staff for your location. (i.e. Some stores run 2-4 teammates per week.)

What is the liquid capital requirement for a Beef Jerky Outlet candidate?

Approximately $125,000

What is the Net Worth requirement for a Beef Jerky Outlet candidate?

Approximately $400,000

What are some examples of available markets?

Beef Jerky Outlet Franchises are legal in all states, excluding Hawaii and Rhode Island.

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