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Fri, 05/08/2020 - 4:30 PM | kodak


KODAK, Tenn. (May2020) – Frontline Heroes have been hard at work keeping us healthy and safe. They told us that grabbing a snack between shifts was nearly impossible because of the rapid pace of people in need.  The Beef Jerky Outlet owners wanted to help by providing these critical teams with our high-quality jerky.


“We had the opportunity to do something exceptional, to really make a difference.” Paul Lyons, President of Beef Jerky Outlet shares.  “Our owners worked hard to collect over 4,000 bags of premium Beef Jerky from their local communities. Each owner made a difference in their hometowns by sharing some jerky joy.”


For the month of April, locally owned Beef Jerky Outlets collected and matched 1 for 1 every Hero SnackPak donated by our loyal customers.  Owners distributed Jerky to local hospitals, fire stations, police depts, pharmacies and other frontline teams this week.  “We have been overwhelmed with the support from healthcare administrators and generous members of our community” St Charles BJO owners, Cory and Scott Neer explained. “It presented a welcomed momentary distraction from the battle they were fighting.  We only wish we could have seen the smiles behind the masks, but their eyes said it all.  Everyone loves jerky! “ 


Beef Jerky Outlet’s event ended April 30th, just in time to deliver the care packages during National Nurse appreciation week: May 6th -12th.  


Most of Beef Jerky Outlet locations have been relying on eCommerce business for several weeks.  “We are very pleased that soon over 90% of Beef Jerky Outlet locations will be open and serving their customers.” Kathy Raines, COO says. “It is part of our DNA to reach out to communities, veterans and schools multiple times a year.  Jerky is an extremely popular snack, so we never have any trouble finding people to support.”


Beef Jerky Outlet Franchise was encouraged to see their owners across the nation respond so quickly to the Hero event. “It is very gratifying to have owners who want to get involved with their communities and provide support. We have owners who are in the medical, legal and service industries, and they have been instrumental in directing our efforts.”  stated Scott Parker, CEO of Beef Jerky Outlet