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Beef Jerky Outlet Franchise welcomes prospective new franchisees to explore our business model at Discovery Days. The Beef Jerky Outlet Franchise, which is a unique national franchise specializing in all kinds of beef jerky from Original to Ghost Pepper and over 100 other sizes & varieties.

Next Discovery Day:  Spring 2022

Contact: Bill Szlachta at

For More Information Visit: Beef Jerky Experience Franchise

Discovery Day will start at the Beef Jerky Outlet store in Dundee, Michigan. The store is located right off the US-23 highway and is tied to the main drag leading customers to the biggest Cabelas around. The Dundee location address is 109 Cabelas BLV E, Dundee MI 48131. Scott Parker, Beef Jerky Outlet Franchise CEO, says that Discovery Day will be an informal introduction for the franchise concept. “The attendees will be able to learn about franchise basics like location, real estate and financing options,” said Scott. Discovery Day attendees will have the opportunity to meet our leadership team, tour the plant where our jerky is made and review key objectives of the Beef Jerky Outlet Franchise in a relaxed, informal environment.  We hope you’ll join us soon!

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