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Dec 17, 2021 | Andria
Each month we are honored to highlight and celebrate outstanding team members across all our Beef Jerky Experience stores! Each store can nominate both employees and managers, who a re then recognized and sent a thank you gift to show our appreciation!
This month we are excited to congratulate four amazing employees, ranging from Florida to New Jersey!
Beef Jerky Experience


Paris Faughn (John's Pass, FL)

Paris has been with our John’s Pass store for two years and brings so much to the store. She is incredibly driven and has an unwavering willingness to learn. Her strong work ethic and initiative make her a joy to work with, and she is always open to trying new things, like Social Media management! .
Trish Aloia Trish Aloia (Washington, PA)

Trish has been the assistant manager in Washington, PA for 3 years! She is an incredible person and is always loved and recognized by customers. She cares for the store as if it were her own, and she is well respected by the employees, who even come to her about issues outside of work. She creates such a fun and caring atmosphere and keeps the store clean and bright.
Chris Creda - West Palm Beach, FL Chris Creda (West Palm Beach, FL)

Chris is both dedicated to the West Palm Beach store and owners, and to the Beef Jerky Experience as a whole! He is always available when needed and is the very definition of “dependable.” He is there whenever you need him, and even comes in on his day off with a great attitude. Customers love him, and he is a huge asset to the store!
Christopher Smith - Cape May Christopher Smith (Cape May, NJ)

Christopher has only been with the Cape May store for seven months, but already his passion shines through! He is amazing with guests and creates a personal connection with everyone who walks through the door. He is fun, engaging, and makes sure that everyone gets plenty of jerky samples! He has received numerous glowing reviews both online and in-store, and he creates a fun, relaxed atmosphere for both guests and staff.