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May 4, 2022 | Andria

Types of Beef Jerky

Here at Beef Jerky Experience, we have a wide variety of beef jerky flavors and styles. If you have ever wondered about the difference between our jerky styles, look no further! We are going to dive into some of our most popular jerkies!



Our Tender Smoked style jerkies are made using a slightly thicker cut of meat and have a sugar-based marinade. The sugar base retains more moisture, which results in a more tender piece of jerky. The Tender Smoked jerkies flavors tend to be sweeter, but they also have that distinct, smoked flavor that so many people love! Our Cherry Maple Beef is our most popular Smoked jerky flavor.



Our Traditional style jerkies are made using a dehydration process with a gluten free soy sauce base. Our Traditional jerky flavors tend to have a chewier, drier texture than the Smoked jerkies. Our most popular Traditional jerky is our Prime Rib!



Our newest addition to our jerky collection, our Classic style jerkies have a texture between our Smoked and Traditional style jerky. Our Mango Habanero and Armageddon jerkies are our most popular Classic jerkies.



Biltong is a South African style of jerky made by marinating and then air-drying the meat. Biltong is also sliced after it has been cured, unlike other styles of jerky, which are cut and then cooked. Biltong is low carb, full of flavor, and has a unique, great texture! Our most popular flavor of Biltong is the Original.